Classes & Mentoring


Are you a business owner, blogger or are you a creative in some way? Are you wanting to create your own content for a website, advertising or social media? I am here to help you with a workshop and mentoring class.

Through my workshops and mentoring classes, you will discover details though your camera and how people respond to the story you are telling. Whether your capturing still-life, food photography, handmade goods or things around, you will discover your own photographic voice.

Your voice will come alive with the story you will tell through the lens of you'er camera. With devoted time and practice, your photographic style and ability will continue to grow.


In the commercial mind, businesses thrive with great images that show value, quality and purpose. It’s part of the story you as a business owner offer.

If your just starting out and learning photography or have had an interest, I would love to help you.


Common Workshop & Mentoring topics:


-Manual DSLR settings

-Food styling and photography / Flat-lay styling

-Details photography for blogging and storytelling

-Working with brands, commercial and stock photography

- Finding your photographic style (light & airy vs. dark & moody)

- Shooting natural light


*** To join these custom classes you will want to watch for social media updates ***